A la Carte Menu (Monday to Saturday)





Soup of the day, bread and butter (C, L, G)


Mozzarella salad with peas, broad beans and mint (ML)


Deep fried Brie, cranberry sauce (E, ML, G, S)


Smoked mackerel pâté, rye toast (F, ML, G, S)


Homemade salmon and king prawn fishcake, (F, CR, G, E, S, ML)


Seafood salad, chef’s own seafood sauce (CR, F, S, SL)


Chilled melon, soft berry compote


Crispy fried calamari, Bajan (hot!) sauce (M, MS, G, ML, S)


Smoked salmon, chard and dill pancake  (F, G, E, ML, S)


Pork and pistachio terrine, apple chutney ( SL, N, S)


Burrata and beetroot salad ( SL, ML,F, G)


Halloumi stuffed Falafel,  (G, ML, S, SS)


Seared scallops, coriander and lime (M,CR.S)




Omelette and chips

Mushroom, ham, cheese or fresh herbs (E, S,ML)


Roast breast of chicken, sauce vierge

Baby carrots, new potatoes, parmesan crisps (C, ML, S)


Pan seared Entrecote Steak (8oz)

Chips(S), salad, Peppercorn sauce (ML, ) or garlic butter (ML)


Grilled fillet of Jersey beef (8oz)

Pont Neuf potatoes(S), salad


Homemade Jersey Beef Burger (8oz), toasted ciapanini bun, salad, chips, Lettuce, tomato, tomato relish (SS, G, ML, S, M)

add cheese £1.50

Beef Stroganoff, rice (ML, S, SL, MS) £21.50
Vegetable burger, salad, chips (SS, G, ML, C) £16.50
Thai green curry, seafood or chicken

Served with rice (S, CR, F, SS, C,G)

Lamb meatballs, jewelled rice, cumin yoghurt (S, ML, C) £19.50
Pork schnitzel, capers, garlic butter (G, ML, E, S)

Sautéed potatoes, green beans

Duo of duck, confit of leg, seared breast, carrot and star anise puree

dauphinoise potato, port wine jus (ML,S, SL, G, C,)

Spaghetti Bolognese, salad (S, C, F, SL, G, E, ML) £16.50
Vegetable lasagne, salad (ML, G, F, C, E, SL, S) £18.00
Roasted red pepper polenta, red pepper puree,  green beans and

soy sauce (SS, ML, S)

Grilled lamb chops with rosemary and mint yoghurt

Buttered potatoes, asparagus (C,G,ML,S,SL)



Tagliatelle pasta with almonds and fresh tomato sauce  (N, G, ML, E, C, S) £16.50
Roast breast of duck with orange sauce

New potatoes, green beans. (C,G, ML, S, SL )

Pizza Margherita (G, ML, S, E)Mozzarella, Cheddar

Pizza Pollo with Chicken, spinach (G, ML, S , E)

Mozzarella, Edam, Cheddar




Pizza Pepperoni ( G, ML, S, E)

Mozzarella, Cheddar

Chilli king prawns (E, CR, ML, S, G)

red onion and turmeric khichdi

Premium ale battered hake, mushy peas, chips (G, F, E, SL) £17.50
Catch of the day (F, ML, ) Market price
Caesar salad romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan, homemade         Caesar dressing (G, F, ML, S, CR, )

Add: Avocado     – £2.00

         Chicken       – £4.00

         Smoked Salmon – £3.00

         King prawns – £4.50

Classic Greek salad ( ML) £16.50
Summer gardenSalad  ( ML, E)

Asparagus, broad beans, peas, radish, quail eggs

Cauliflower steak (S, N)

Carrot hummus, harissa chickpeas

Lobster, green bean and radicchio salad                                                                                            Market


Extra Sides   £4.50
French fries (S)
New potatoes
Dauphinoise potatoes (M,L)
Basmati rice
Summer vegetables
Side salad 


Cheese board  (ML)


Coconut chocolate pot (S, ML) £7.25
Strawberry tart (G,E,ML) £6.50
Crème brûlée  (ML, E) £7.25


Crème caramel (ML, E) £7.25
Blueberry custard tart (G, E, ML, ) £6.50
Ice-cream from

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla  (ML, E)


Tiramisu. (G, E, ML,SL )


Dessert of the day £6.50


Various Teas -from




Coffee – Cafetiere £3.50
Please speak to a member of staff prior to ordering if
you have any allergies.


(M) Molluscs including land snails, whelks, squid


(L) Lupin bread, pastries, pasta


(P) Peanuts, cakes, biscuits, sauces


(Ms) Mustard can be in liquid or powder


(E) Eggs, cakes, sauces, pastries


(S) Soya various beans, including edamame and Tofu


(G) Gluten in food made with flour, pasta, bread


(N) Nuts including cashews, almonds, hazelnuts


(F) Fish found in pizza, dressings, Worcestershire sauce


(M, L) Milk in butter, cheese, cream


(CR) Crustaceans in crab, lobster, prawns, shrimp, scampi


(SS) Sesame found on burgers, bread, sticks and salad


(C) Celery including stalks, leaves, seeds, celeriac


(SL) Sulphites found in dried fruit like raisins and some drinks



A really fantastic hotel, very clean, staff are all lovely (esp the young waitress serving breakfast) stayed with my mum for a few days break to visit family on the island, room was spotless with everything we needed, pool area very clean and quiet, perfect for a 7am swim. Parking no issues and the breakfast was the best we have had in a hotel 🙂 10 stars Beausite we will be back 🙂